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Test run of the motor for driving the fan

Sep 06, 2019

Usually, the impeller is installed on the motor shaft, which is called direct transmission. The motor is tested with the impeller, and the motor is not tested alone.

For the sake of safety in operation, the driving motor of other transmission forms of fan should be put into trial operation and run three times.

The first start, reach full speed (rated speed) that is to stop, check that the motor steering is correct, there is no abnormal sound.

After the second operation for 5-10 minutes, stop to check:

1 Current voltage indication value

2 The vibration value shall not be greater than 0.04mm.

3 The temperature of the motor stator is lower than 75 ℃, and the bearing temperature shall be lower than 65 ℃

4 Check the friction of the brush and the electric ring

The third continuous operation is 8 hours, and the comprehensive inspection is acceptable.

During the trial operation, the oil temperature should be controlled in the range of 30 ℃ 40 ℃.

For the fan equipped with transmission, the coaxiality of motor and transmission gear shaft should be checked after the motor is qualified for trial operation. The test run of the transmission can be carried out if the check meets the requirements.