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Test running method of High temperature centrifugal Fan and manufacture Standard of equipment Base

May 11, 2018

A high temperature centrifugal fan refers to a centrifugal fan whose medium temperature is above 250 degrees Celsius. It is different from the normal operation condition of the fan during the test run. Therefore, compared with the general centrifugal fan test run, High-temperature centrifugal fans in this process should be more rigorous.

According to the past experience, special attention should be paid to the protection of the motor in the test run of the high temperature centrifugal fan to prevent the motor from being damaged by overload. The main reason is that the medium temperature of this kind of fan is high, the motor is calculated according to the high temperature and the internal power, but in the test run it is normal temperature, so the air density is high, the motor load is high, so the direct starting mode should not be adopted.

For high temperature centrifugal fans, frequency conversion should be used as far as possible to start at a low frequency. If there is no converter, the direct start should also close the inlet throttle, and if there is no intake valve, the air inlet should also be blocked with steel plates or other flat workpieces. Reduce air intake and motor load. In order to prevent motor overload, electric control box with motor protector or overload protection should be used.

Because the wind pressure parameters of high temperature centrifugal fan are different from the design parameters, the measured wind pressure will be much higher than the design wind pressure because of the medium temperature, so it should not be taken as the test conclusion. In addition, high-temperature centrifugal fan test, the transmission group without access to cooling water, but need to add lubricating oil.

In addition, considering that the basic size of high temperature centrifugal fan plays an important role in the smooth operation of the fan, it must be made strictly according to the standard. As the foundation of high temperature centrifugal fan, it should be 200 mm wider than the base of the machine, and 150 mm above the ground level. The total thickness of the foundation depends on the properties of the soil and the depth of freezing. Foundation masonry should be built on hard soil, usually not less than 0.5 m deep.

The base of the high temperature centrifugal fan must be covered with cement and soil like red lead in order to prevent the concrete from being damaged by the lubricant material. When the fan is placed on the base, it must be calibrated with the horizontal size, and the cushion is allowed to be added, but the cushion must be sturdy to prevent the non contact between the base and the base.

When installing the connection between the inlet and outlet air pipe and the high temperature centrifugal fan, the anchor bolt of the fan should be fastened first, and then the air pipe bolt should be tightened. At the same time, the weight of the air pipe should be prevented from being loaded on the fan, resulting in the deformation of the fan shell and the impact and rubbing of the fan shell. Installation fan should be set aside around the position for future maintenance, its width should not be less than 1.5 meters.http://www.jnblower.com/