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The axial fan is different from other equipment and is the low-voltage switchgear available?

Sep 01, 2017

1.Are there any differences between the axial fans and the axial blower? In addition, can the ordinary axial fan bear a high temperature?

Axial flow fan and axial flow fan, the two is obviously different, because the axial flow fan is composed of the collector cylinder and diffuser, and the axial flow fan is the main motor and fan support ring of the two, so there will be a conclusion that the ordinary. The axial flow fan, its temperature is generally below 80 degrees, so that its resistant temperature is not high temperature.

2.Axial fan and exhaust fan, can these two be distinguished?

Axial flow fan, which is from the angle of the blade structure to be considered, and the exhaust fan, which is from the point of use to consider. Therefore, classification of them is different, what is not comparable. Therefore, there are areas do not distinguish this problem. Moreover, you can exhaust fan axial flow fan, exhaust fan can also be axial flow fan.

3.Will axial fans be used in low voltage switchgear?

The axial flow fan will be used in Low voltage switch cabinet. Because there are capacitor compensation includes capacitors and reactors that are easy to heat up in a switch cabinet. Therefore, it needs axial flow fan to dissipate heat, to avoid the temperature is too high and other problems.

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