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The calculation method of installation quality and specific problems of shaft power centrifugal fan

Jul 06, 2017

The condition of centrifugal fan vibration caused by installation problem

1. Fan and motor shaft are not concentric, or the fan rotor is unbalanced. In addition, it may be that the impeller is shaking too much in the axial direction

2. The anchor bolt holes in the fan are not grouted tightly, so the anchor bolt is loosening.

3. The oil gap of the bearing marble is too large, the anchor bolt of bearing seat is loosening.

4. There is friction between the rotor and the housing, or the impeller is assembled reversely. Besides, the joint of impeller and shaft is loosening.

The computational formula of shaft power for centrifugal fan

P(e)=(air flow*pressure)/(3600*1000*fan efficiency*machine efficiency)

As to the machine efficiency, if the fan is direct drive, it is 100%. If the fan is coupling drive, it is 98%. Belt drive, it is 95%. All these are theoretical figure, and its calculation results can be used as a reference to the consumption of electricity.

Is there any difference between single inlet and double inlet of centrifugal blower?

The main difference is that there is only one inlet and one outlet for the single inlet centrifugal fan, and there are two inlets for double inlet fan, but only one outlet. So the air flow of double inlet fan is larger.


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