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The cause and Solution of damage or failure of the parts of the fan lubricating oil system pipe

Jan 16, 2018

During operation , the machine parts on the lubricating system pipeline often have problems such as damage or failure , and the causes and elimination methods are as follows :

1. Pipe flange bolts are not tightened, flange gaskets are damaged, tubing ruptures or pipes are clogged, and too much dirt is accumulated. At this time, bolts should be tightened, damaged parts replaced, pipe passages cleaned.

2. check valve is insufficient, jammed, blocked or leaking. The valve should be adjusted or repaired at this time.

3. Safety valve jammed or leaking. As in the preceding paragraph, the relief valve shall be adjusted or repaired.

4. filters or filters are too dense to be blocked or installed. The oil filters should be replaced or reinstalled at this time and cleaned.

5. The oil pressure gauge should not be indicated or failed due to blockage of the conduit or damage to the parts of the meter. In this case, dirt should be cleaned and the oil pressure gauge repaired or replaced.

6 . Thermometer damage failed . The thermometer should be replaced at this time.http://www.jnblower.com