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The change of centrifugal fan after adopting frequency conversion control technology

Sep 30, 2017

Tests show that under the conditions of high temperature and high pressure, the actual air volume of the centrifugal fan is only part of the rated air volume, so its efficiency is not high. This is because the centrifugal fan is equipped with baffles, plus the pressure difference between the front and back of the damper, which consumes a large part of the energy. In order to effectively improve the operation efficiency of centrifugal fan and achieve the purpose of energy saving, it is recommended to adopt frequency conversion control technology for its baffle.

Practice shows that when the centrifugal fan is operated by frequency converter, it is much better than the centrifugal fan that is directly driven by the frequency. For example, the power factor of the power supply side of the centrifugal fan is improved a lot, not only meets the requirements of the power grid, but also can further save the operating costs of the upstream equipment.

Since the centrifugal fan is adjusted by frequency conversion, energy saving can be realized by adjusting the speed of the motor. When the load rate is low, the pump speed also decreases. The main equipment and the corresponding auxiliary equipment, such as bearings wear have been significantly alleviated. The service life of the equipment is prolonged.

After adopting frequency conversion speed regulation device, soft starting of centrifugal fan motor can be realized. This will not cause any impact on the grid, The service life of the motor can also be extended. Centrifugal fan in the whole range of operation, the motor can ensure smooth operation, loss reduction, normal temperature rise, there is no abnormal vibration and noise.

As the inverter has a perfect over-current, short-circuit, over-voltage, undervoltage, lack of phase, temperature rise and many other protection functions, Moreover, the operation is simple and convenient. So it can help the centrifugal fan realize intelligent adjustment, make it more capable of adapting to grid work requirements.

In a word, the frequency control technology not only optimizes the control performance of the centrifugal fan, make it run steadily. And there are good energy saving effect, can get better economic and social benefits.

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