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The criteria for judging the quality of Fan

May 27, 2019

1, the fan is made according to the standard.

2. The fan structure meets the requirements of performance parameters. Whether the performance of the fan conforms to the nominal air pressure air volume, and the standard type energy will reach the pumping air volume required by the actual system.

3. Whether the vibration value of the bearing part is low. If the vibration value is high, the bearing of fan is easy to damage, on the other hand, the bearing life is long when the vibration value is low.

4. When the fan is in operation, the noise is low, the noise is the environment pollution, the work emotion is affected, and at the same time, the energy consumption is also consumed.

5. Whether to consider the convenience of maintenance. Fan needs regular maintenance, refueling hole generally, look at the appearance can see whether the fan is good or bad, the more attention is paid to the detail part, the fan is generally good.

6. Purchase fans to find a good market reputation, long operating time, large sales volume, large-scale factory manufacturers.