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The difference between forward and backward tilting of centrifugal Fan

Jun 08, 2018

The centrifugal fan with forward and backward tilting mainly refers to the different blades of the assembled fan. The forward tilting type is generally a blower, and the backward tilting type is an induced fan. The difference is the length of the impeller transverse and the impeller edge. The forward tilting is parallel to the edge of the impeller, and the outlet angle of the impeller is more than 90 degrees. The forward tilting impeller is also called the forward impeller, and the forward impeller is mostly high pressure. However, the backward tilting impeller is not parallel to the impeller, and the length to the edge of the impeller is several centimeters or several millimeters. The backward tilting impeller is also known as the backward impeller when the outlet angle of impeller is less than 90 degrees, and the backward impeller is mainly of medium pressure. The distinction is mainly manifested in these three aspects:

Difference one: power, used to overcome the system resistance of the static head, forward centrifugal fan to be smaller than backward centrifugal fan. The hydraulic loss of backward blade fan is smaller than that of forward tilting type. Therefore, the efficiency of forward centrifugal fan is lower than backward centrifugal fan.

Difference two: power consumption, because the efficiency of forward centrifugal fan is lower than backward centrifugal fan, so its power consumption is higher than backward centrifugal fan.

Difference three: noise, forward centrifugal fan operating noise is greater than backward centrifugal fan.

Both forward and backward centrifugal fans have their own advantages and disadvantages. We can choose according to the actual needs, at the same time, we should learn to take advantage of the advantages and disadvantages in the application process, and try our best to give full play to the maximum function of the centrifugal fan. Create greater value for enterprises.http://www.jnblower.com/