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The difference between single and multistage products in High temperature centrifugal Fan

Feb 04, 2018

From the speed point of view, the high temperature centrifugal fan can be divided into two types: single stage and multistage, except for the service life, the single stage centrifugal fan is obviously lower than the multistage centrifugal fan. They also have differences in performance and usage requirements.

Due to the pressure of high temperature centrifugal fan provided depends largely on the speed increases, the speed is to provide balance, influence of lubrication and material properties in many aspects, so the single stage high temperature centrifugal fan more use in low pressure and high pressure situations, more use of multistage centrifugal fan.

Because the single stage high temperature centrifugal fan has only one set of impellers, the compression of its air is completed in one time. The multi-stage high temperature centrifugal fan has several impellers on one spindle, and the air compression is gradually completed among the multi-group impellers.

In addition, the single-stage high temperature centrifugal fan generally depends on the gearbox to obtain the extremely high speed, because the rotational speed is very high, so the fan control and maintenance is very important, must support the separate lubricating oil station at the same time. At the same time, the life of unipolar fan is lower than that of multi-pole high temperature centrifugal fan because of the wear of many parts such as blade.

In addition, the impeller of a single-stage high temperature centrifugal fan must be dozens of times higher than the multi-stage speed, which is usually only several thousand rpm. However, the single-stage rotating speed is as high as tens of thousands of rpm or even as many as 100,000 rpm. No matter what type of high temperature centrifugal fan, the structure is relatively compact, occupying a small area. Involving the selection of specific models to consider the actual function.http://www.jnblower.com/