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The different types of axial fan and their price comparison and whether the blades are fixed

Mar 24, 2018

1. In the selection of axial fan, is the flow rate or static pressure large, must be good and should be chosen?

In the selection of axial fan, it is not necessary to select a large fan flow rate or a large static pressure. Because it does not necessarily conform to the actual situation or can meet the requirements for use. Instead, it should be considered synthetically according to the system design conditions, that is, the specific requirements of flow rate and total pressure, as well as the installation form and operating conditions of the fan, and then the appropriate axial flow fan is selected.

2. Which of the two or four levels of external rotor axial fan is more expensive? Is this kind of axial fan widely used?

There are different levels of external rotor axial flow fans, such as grade 2 and grade 4. Moreover, different grades are also different in fan prices. Generally speaking, The higher the grade, the higher the price of the fan. So the price of the outer rotor axial flow fan of grade 2 and grade 4 is higher than that of grade 4. This type of axial fan, which is widely used, can be used in hotels. Hotel, office, cinema and other facilities.

3. Are there any differences between the outer rotor and the inner rotor axial fan?

The external rotor and the inner rotor axial flow fan are two different axial fans. First of all, there must be differences in the structure of the fan. Secondly, it is not the same in terms of air volume and other parameters.

4. How to avoid the problem that the axial flow fan can turn the wind small? Besides, is the blade fixed?

Reasonable control of motor series and motor spindle speed, as well as blade angle. In addition, to avoid fan phase failure operation.   As for the blade of the axial fan, it is not necessarily fixed, but can also rotate around the axial axis of the fan.