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The distinction of explosion proof and anticorrosion Axial flow Fan and the need to determine the Type of Fan

Mar 22, 2018

1. T35-11 series axial flow fans, Which fan is improved on to get it? What specifications are there?

T-35-11 series axial fan is improved on the basis of 30-11 fan, so it is a new type fan. Moreover, compared with the 30-11 fan, it has some advantages, such as reasonable structure, high blade strength, good performance and low operating noise. Moreover, the wide blade aluminum alloy blades are used to optimize the equipment, thus the performance is stable, the efficiency is high, and the power consumption can be reduced.

2. What are the differences between the anticorrosive and explosion-proof axial fan and the ordinary axial fan?

There are some differences between anticorrosive and explosion-proof axial flow fans compared with ordinary axial flow fans. in materials, anticorrosive axial flow fans use anticorrosive materials, explosion-proof axial flow fans have certain preventive measures, and, The match is the explosion-proof motor. anticorrosion axial flow fan uses glass fiber reinforced plastic, and ordinary axial flow fan uses ordinary steel plate.

3. What are the outstanding features of the movable blade adjustable axial fan? In addition, in determining the type of axial fan, what relevant aspects should be determined?

The outstanding feature of the adjustable axial flow fan with moving blade is that the blade spacing can be changed when the fan is in operation, and then the fan flow can be adjusted. The determination of axial fan model should be determined in the following aspects: first, the size of the fan is large or small; second, the shape of the fan is square or round; third, the material of the bearing of the fan. In addition, there is a fan performance requirement.http://www.jnblower.com/