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The effect of different centrifugal fan and fan bearing in mechanical ventilation

Oct 10, 2017

Since the centrifugal fan has good ventilation effect, so it is very suitable for mechanical ventilation of grain warehouse, to a certain extent in order to ensure the quality of food. In addition to centrifugal fans, axial fans also have similar uses. But the actual role is still slightly different.

Because of the huge difference between air temperature and grain temperature, so the first ventilation of the grain warehouse should be selected during the day. In order to reduce the grain temperature gap, reduce the occurrence of condensation. But the later ventilation should be tried in the evening. Because the purpose of ventilation to use centrifugal fans is to cool down. At night, the atmospheric humidity is relatively high and the temperature is low. This helps to reduce water loss and improve the cooling effect.

Practice has proved that in the early stage of ventilation with centrifugal fans, there may be windows and doors, wall condensation, and even a slight condensation of surface grain surface. 

Therefore, once the fan stops running, it is necessary to open the window and turn on the axial fan, turn the grain surface when necessary, and remove the hot and humid air from the warehouse. 

This is because the axial fan carries on the slow speed ventilation, will not appear the condensation phenomenon, only can appear the middle and upper levels grain temperature to rise slowly, will continue along with the ventilation, the grain temperature will drop steadily.

Therefore, the slow ventilation of axial flow fan can achieve good cooling effect, At the same time, unit energy consumption is low, The ventilation time is easy to grasp, not prone to condensation. While the use of centrifugal fan has significant cooling, precipitation effect is obvious, and the ventilation time is short.

In view of this distinction, if it is in the purpose of cooling ventilation system, to configure the centrifugal fan; And if the purpose is to cool down, using the axial flow fan , the effect is equally significant.