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The form judgement of centrifugal fan and its common problems

Jul 18, 2017

In centrifugal fans, how can I judge whether they are left handed or right handed? What is the essence of it? In addition, what are the common problems with this fan? These problems are about the centrifugal fan, so the following to explain and answer, and then through this article, a thorough understanding and correct understanding.

1.How to judge the left-hand and right-hand of centrifugal fan?

The direction of centrifugal fan is distinguished between left-handed and right-handed. And it’s not difficult to judge. specifically speaking,

Seeing from the motor side, if the fan impeller is clockwise, then it is called right-hand, otherwise, it is the left-handed.

2.what is the substance of centrifugal fan?

It is a kind of constant pressure variable flow device. Therefore, under this premise, if the fan speed is certain, the Pressure flow theory curve should be a straight line. However, in practice, it is a curve, not straight, because it will be affected by the internal loss and so on.

3. What are the common problems of centrifugal fans?

The primary common problem is the driving parts wear. Specifically speaking, there are fan bearing position, bearing housing wear and so on.

The traditional repair method is bead weld, thermal spraying and brush plating etc. However, due to some drawbacks, the repair effect is not very good. At present, the better method is to use polymer materials in order to have good repair effect.

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