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The function and operating temperature of Lubricating Oil injected into Axial Fan

Sep 18, 2018

The axial flow fan is running in the same direction as the axial flow of the blade in the process of use. The gas parallel to the axial flow of the fan is widely used in all kinds of industrial occasions, and it is widely used in the fan. The shape of the axial fan is a bit like an electric fan, there is a central axis, the four blades will follow the center axis rotation, forming an axial flow running fan.

Axial flow fan is suitable for conveying flammable, explosive and non corrosive gas. Ambient temperature should not exceed 60 ℃. It is widely used in general factories, warehouses, offices and houses for ventilation and heat dissipation. It can also be installed in series in long exhaust pipes at intervals to increase the pressure in the pipes, and the motor can be used as a free fan.

Effect of Lubricating Oil on Axial Fan equipment

1. Reducing friction between components

The action of adding lubricating oil to the surface of the bearing is to separate the friction surface to reduce the friction between the parts and to improve the efficiency of the mechanical equipment.

2. Reduce wear and tear

Lubricating oil between bearings or tooth surfaces reduces friction load and thus reduces equipment wear.

3. cooling

Due to the action of axial fan, the equipment is in long-term operation, and the surface temperature is definitely high. The addition of lubricating oil can reduce the friction and heat of the equipment.

4. anticorrosion

The equipment located outside for a long time will occur rustiness on the surface. Adding lubricating oil can insulate air and corrosion gas.http://www.jnblower.com/