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The installation notes of centrifugal fan

Aug 22, 2017

The installation notes of centrifugal fan

1.The installation of the whole unit, fan should be placed on the base, and then use the wedges to leveling, otherwise, can not go on the installation work.

2.If the centrifugal fan is assembled on the site, then the cutting surface of the base should be well protected to avoid the damage or broken.

3.If the fan shaft and the motor shaft in different axis, the radial displacement can not exceed 0.05mm. as to the rolling bearing assembly of centrifugal fan, when the rotor is installed, it should be flexible rotation, no blocking problem.

Emergency shutdown of the centrifugal fan, mainly caused by the following reasons: 

one: the vibration of the centrifugal fan is too strong, and has exceeded the trip value. 

Two: centrifugal fan running noise, such as the internal scraping, or the abnormal friction sound. 

Three: fan bearing temperature rises sharply, and has exceeded the limit, or the bearing or seal smoke.

Four: low oil pressure for centrifugal fan, and, unable to return to normal. Or, the no suction phenomenon of oil box. 

Five: the axial displacement value of centrifugal fan has increased, and exceed the alarm value.

Specific steps of centrifugal fan’s normal shutdown

The first step is to gradually open the vent valve or the outlet bypass valve, and close the exhaust valve at the same time. Then, turn off the intake throttle until 20 to 25 degrees. Then press the stop button and observe if there is any abnormality. When the unit stops, within 2 to 4 hours, the regular disk rotor 180 degrees.

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