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The main function and High efficiency of Air-Conditioning Fan

Dec 30, 2018

Air conditioning fan is a new type of fan in use, which is energy-saving, variable speed, high efficiency, low noise centrifugal fan, compact structure, convenient installation, small volume, large air volume, high pressure, small vibration. Equipped with three-phase voltage regulator or inverter, it can realize stepless speed regulation, especially suitable for ventilated and ventilated places with strict noise requirements and wide variation range of air volume. It is an ideal supporting product for air conditioning, purification and other industries.


Main functions of Air-Conditioning Fan

1. Ventilation function: in use is mainly through the treatment of indoor and outdoor air, so as to effectively ensure that the indoor air can be changed frequently, fresh and natural.

2. It is beneficial to human health to increase indoor reactive oxygen species and negative ion fans through special facilities.

3. Air-conditioning fan using frequency-conversion energy-saving system, so that power consumption can reach the minimum.

4. The remote control of air conditioning is realized by using the network. In addition to pay attention to health, energy saving, low noise and comfort, air conditioning is innovated in appearance to make it more novel, fashionable and decorative.www.jnblower.com