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The method of judging the efficiency of centrifugal Fan in ventilation equipment

Jun 19, 2018

Because of the difference of production technology and different types of centrifugal fan equipment, the effect and efficiency of centrifugal fan are also different. However, the efficiency of centrifugal fan can be judged by the corresponding method. How can the performance of this kind of ventilation equipment be measured?

The main function of ventilation equipment is to achieve a certain ventilation effect and improve indoor air quality in a specific place. Centrifugal fan is one of them. Its efficiency has a great influence on ventilation and air exchange effect. However, the ventilation equipment fan type is different, the effect and the efficiency are also different.

In order to judge the practical efficiency of centrifugal fan, the static pressure of centrifugal fan inlet and outlet of ventilation equipment can be measured by drilling one hole in each of its inlet and outlet pipes. According to the static pressure of centrifugal fan of ventilation equipment, the operating efficiency of fan is estimated. This method is relatively simple and does not require a lot of professional knowledge, and it will not affect the normal use of ventilated centrifugal fans.

Of course , the inlet of the centrifugal fan of some ventilation equipment is equipped with an adjustable air door . In operation , if the opening degree of the damper is less than 95 % , the centrifugal fan of the ventilation equipment must be in a low - efficiency operating state . Although the air door of the centrifugal fan is to be opened , it cannot be fully opened .

Once the regulating valve of the centrifugal fan is completely open, on the one hand, it may cause uneven inlet air flow of the centrifugal fan in the ventilating equipment, and reduce the aerodynamic performance of the centrifugal fan in the ventilation equipment. On the other hand, there may be pressure losses. Based on 100000 cubic meters of ventilation equipment centrifugal fan per hour, the pressure loss per 100pa needs about 4kw motor power.

These methods can help the users to measure the performance of the centrifugal fan of ventilation equipment. These methods are also used to judge the efficiency of the centrifugal fan. The methods provided need to have a certain amount of technical content before the operation can be carried out.