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The origin of the instructions and other names in the installation of an axial fan

Dec 27, 2017

1. What determines the angle and number of axial fans? And T35 and T30 axial flow fan, is there a difference?

The axial flow fan has two ways of air absorption and air supply, so the angle and the number of the fan are determined by the use of the environment. However, it should be noted that. The principle of uniform distribution should be observed. The T35 and T30 axial flow fans are two different models, so there must be a difference. Moreover, the former is a double blade and the latter is a single blade. It's different.


2. What are the instructions for axial fan installation?

The installation work of axial flow fan, for us, should know, is: should be correct and reasonable choice of this kind of fan, and installed in place, can not have any bias, because of its relationship to the fan can work normally and operation. In addition, the installation steps of the fan, not complex and difficult, as long as the attention of the balance, connecting these three aspects, the vibration and wind.


3. Why the axial flow fan can be referred to as a local ventilator ? In addition , why is the coal mine facing the cyclone and the axial flow fan ?

Axial flow fan, the reason can be called the local fan, because its shape is cylindrical, and is used for local ventilation, wind can be sent to the designated area, therefore, to have this name. And, the ventilation effect is obvious, there is a good use effect.


The reason of the opposite rotation between the cyclone and the axial fan in coal mine is that only when the two directions are opposite, can the wind flow out along the axial direction, thus improving the working effect of the fan and improving its use effect. Only then can this concrete request and conclusion be reached.http://www.jnblower.com/