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The similar Law and its regulating method used in centrifugal Fan

May 26, 2018

Through understanding, it is found that the similarity theory has been widely used in centrifugal fans. There are three laws of similarity involved. On the one hand, it uses the similar walking bird to test the whole centrifugal fan; on the other hand, according to the existing model or product which has proved good performance, the new product is designed by using the law of similarity. On the other hand, the characteristic line of centrifugal fan can be expressed with similar parameters by using the law of similarity to adapt to various operating conditions.


However, to ensure the effectiveness of centrifugal fan, it is not enough to apply these similar laws only, but also need the user to adjust the fan constantly, so that the fan in each use can play an ideal effect. When it comes to the regulation method of centrifugal fan, there are several methods which are often used and can improve the effect of fan, which can not only make the fan serve the environment better, but also save the cost of energy consumption for the user.


From the point of view of the effectiveness of the centrifugal fan, what needs to be adjusted is the size of the fan air volume. If the adjustment depth is great, it is more suitable to adopt the speed regulation method; if the fan output force varies within a small range, Then it is more reasonable to use a guide to adjust. This method can better help the fan to complete the ventilation and air exchange process.


However, in order to analyze the economy of centrifugal fans, in addition to regulating the air volume of the fan, we can also start by controlling the speed of the fan. Most users will choose the method of adjusting the speed of the centrifugal fan. There is also no direct relationship between this regulation and the form of the leaf.

In contrast, the throttling regulation method is less economical, followed by simple guide regulation and axial guide regulation, and their economy is related to the form of fan blade. The adjustment economy of forward-bent centrifugal fan is good, and that of rear-bent centrifugal fan needs to be improved.


From this we can see that the adjustment methods we have obtained from different directions are also different, but in the face of the numerous types of centrifugal fans, we still need to adjust the fans according to the actual situation and the environmental needs. In order to achieve the best use effect and minimum energy consumption.http://www.jnblower.com/