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The steps and points for attention of the Air-Conditioning Fan

Oct 19, 2018

The impeller of the air conditioner fan should be equipped with the disc of the moving blade and the general name of the rotating blade installed on it. The wear of the impeller of air conditioning fan is related to the composition of abrasive, particle size, concentration, shape, impact velocity, impact angle, chemical composition of gas, properties, temperature and humidity and so on. The non-uniformity of gas flow in the impeller of air conditioning fan accelerates the wear.


Test steps of Air-Conditioning Fan

1. For air-conditioning fan ducts, check if it is open.

2. When the installation is complete, start testing the machine. Before starting, the flexibility of fan rotation should be checked, and whether there is clamping friction in the blade by hand.

3. Check the air conditioner fan and adjacent pipes for residue and other debris.

4. Personnel should stay away from the fan during operation.

5. Start the fan and check if the fan steering is in line with the rotation mark.

6. After the air conditioning fan is checked and qualified, the test runs for 10-30 minutes to stop, check whether there is loosening of the blade, whether there is loosening of the damper seat and the connecting bolt of the base, after all normal, then formally start up and put into operation.http://www.jnblower.com/