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The structural requirements of the centrifugal Fan for Boiler and the advantages of using the components

Dec 11, 2018

When the centrifugal fan is made, its impeller is welded by 12 backward wing blades between the arc wheel cover and the flat plate wheel. Because the wing blade is adopted, the fan's high efficiency, low noise and high strength are ensured. Impeller through static, dynamic balance correction smooth operation. The same machine number, the same structure of the fan impeller.

The shell of boiler centrifugal fan is mainly made of cochlear shape welded by common steel plate. The casing of the fan is made into an integral structure. For the induced fan, ash cleaning door is opened on the cochlea plate and thickened properly to prevent soot wear and prolong its service life.

The inlet of the centrifugal fan of boiler is a convergent streamline structure. The bolt is used to fix the inlet side of the interface and the adjusting door is mainly used to adjust the flow rate of the fan.www.jnblower.com