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The working efficiency of centrifugal fan is directly related to impeller

Dec 19, 2018

The impeller of centrifugal fan is an important part of fan. The so-called centrifugal fan is only a form of fan, the reason for the increase in power, a large part of the reason is that it depends on the impeller of the fan. The so-called impeller is that we usually see fan blade, many people believe that fan efficiency is improved because of its faster speed. The efficiency of the fan is directly related to the speed of the fan.


But impeller is a more energy-saving measure to ensure that it increases efficiency while using the same electric energy. The impeller can improve the efficiency of centrifugal fan in two aspects, one is the diameter of impeller, the other is the inclination of impeller.


If the centrifugal fan impeller diameter is larger, that is, the centrifugal fan model is large enough. Then the power will be effectively increased, which is why the larger power fan is larger in volume. Therefore, to achieve centrifugal fan efficiency, improve fan impeller is a feasible direction.www.jnblower.com