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The working efficiency of centrifugal fan is related to the diameter and inclination of its blade.

Apr 23, 2018

The power of centrifugal fan can be greatly improved in part because of its impeller, which shows that the impeller of centrifugal fan is closely related to its working efficiency. Which aspects will affect the efficiency of centrifugal fans.

The impeller of centrifugal fan is the fan which we usually see. Most people think that the efficiency of centrifugal fan is improved because the speed of centrifugal fan is faster. Indeed, the efficiency of centrifugal fan is directly related to the speed of centrifugal fan.

However, the impeller of centrifugal fan is a kind of energy saving measure, which can ensure that centrifugal fan can increase efficiency and use the same electric energy as well. The centrifugal fan impeller can improve the work efficiency of centrifugal fan in two aspects: one is the diameter of centrifugal fan impeller and the other is the tilting degree of centrifugal fan impeller.

If the impeller diameter of centrifugal fan is large, it can be said that the type of centrifugal fan is large enough, then the power of centrifugal fan will be raised effectively, which is why the fan with higher power is larger in volume.

On the other hand, the centrifugal fan impeller tilt degree, if the centrifugal fan impeller tilting degree, the centrifugal fan power will increase. Therefore, if we want to increase the efficiency of centrifugal fan with the same current, we can only improve the impeller of the fan. Fan impeller is very important for centrifugal fan, and it is also an important part to determine the work efficiency of centrifugal fan.

In addition, one of the criteria for the quality of centrifugal fans is corrosion resistance, and to ensure this, we need to start with raw materials and technology. Because of different materials, different types of centrifugal fan need to be selected. According to the corrosion resistance of different materials in different environments and synthesizing many factors, such as physicochemical properties, performance-to-price ratio and so on, the material of strength parts is determined from the fundamentals after the determination of centrifugal fan type and main parameters.

From the material itself, the centrifugal fan for the target material is safe. Of course, the design of the equipment structure can not be ignored. Only the reasonable structure can avoid the corrosion of the equipment, thus improve the quality and service life can be prolonged.http://www.jnblower.com/