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Three elements necessary for selection of centrifugal fan

Mar 26, 2019

Centrifugal fan is more and more widely used in industry of our country, such as cement, metallurgy, chemical industry, electric power and so on. Its main applications include gas transport, exhaust gas removal, transport materials, cooling media, and so on. Centrifugal fan type selection is a key step in the fan production process, but many people do not know how to choose. To select the type, it is necessary to determine the flow rate, pressure and density of the gas, which is the three elements of the centrifugal fan selection process.

1. Gas density

If the density is not given, it is necessary to calculate or convert the working condition gas density according to the working conditions of the fan, such as altitude, local atmospheric pressure, working temperature, and standard density of gas.

2. Gas pressure

According to the given or calculated working condition density, the working condition pressure is converted to the fan standard state pressure. If the fan takes the intake box or silencer, the pressure loss should be considered. After calculation or estimation, the estimated loss is generally between 100~300pa;

3. Gas flow rate

If the system requires the mass flow rate of the gas, it is necessary to convert the mass flow rate of the gas into the volume flow rate of the fan in the standard state. If the system requires the volume flow rate of the gas, the volume flow rate under the standard state of the fan is the same as the volume flow rate under the working condition.