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Tips on correct use of centrifugal Fan

May 20, 2019

Even if you purchase a well-known brand of centrifugal fan, but if the user does not strictly follow the instructions in use, it will also reduce the use effect of the fan, or even shorten the service life of the centrifugal fan. This is also a great loss for users.

The correct use of centrifugal fan can not only ensure its use effect, but also prolong the service life of fan to a great extent, so many users want to know what kind of use is the most correct. To minimize the damage to the fan? Today we will introduce some tips on using centrifugal fans. It is believed that as long as the user master these can certainly improve the efficiency of the fan to a certain extent.

The first use of centrifugal fan began with its start-up. If the motor cannot be dragged, check the set value of the safety mechanism; if the rated power of the motor is too low, replace the electric force; If the starting procedure is incorrect, adjust the starting equipment; if the power consumption is too large during starting, verify whether the gas flow control mechanism is in the closed position when starting. If the rotor is jammed, use a hand disk to check and investigate the cause of the jam; if the voltage at the motor junction is too low, check the power cord voltage if the loss is too large, increase the power cord.

Most of the time, users will find that the centrifugal fan impeller always consumes energy in white. In order to reduce the consumption of this part as much as possible, it is necessary to maintain a certain gap, between the front cover of the centrifugal ventilator and the collector, and between the housing and the shaft. In order to ensure the reliability of fan rotation. Users also need to judge what method to use according to the specific situation of the fan used in order to be more reasonable.