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Transmission form and High efficiency of Air-Conditioning Fan

Jan 29, 2019

Air conditioning fan is a new type of air conditioning fan when in use, energy saving, high efficiency, variable speed, low noise centrifugal fan, air conditioning fan, compact structure, convenient installation, small volume, large air volume, high pressure, small vibration. Equipped with three-phase voltage regulator or inverter, it can realize stepless speed regulation, especially suitable for ventilated and ventilated places with strict noise requirements and wide variation range of air volume. It is an ideal supporting product for air conditioning, purification and other industries.


To a certain extent, air conditioning fans are very suitable for industrial and mining enterprises, hotels, large-scale shopping malls and other buildings to buy various sizes of air conditioning boxes, fan cabinet air conditioning units, central air conditioning units and all kinds of purification equipment, with strong versatility. High efficiency, low noise, large air volume and other characteristics.


To a certain extent, the air conditioning fan can realize the transportation of gas medium. Its gas transmission can take many forms. The outdoor unit of the air conditioning fan is responsible for refrigeration or heating, and the indoor unit is responsible for transporting the air conditioning or hot air to the room. The indoor hot air or cold air is transported outdoors through pipes to achieve the effect of cooling or heating.www.jnblower.com