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Trial Operation of centrifugal Fan Unit

Jun 27, 2019

1 Start the lubrication system to meet the requirements:

1) the temperature of entering bearing lubricating oil should be controlled in the range of 40 ±5 ℃.

2) the oil temperature at startup is generally not less than 25 ℃

3) The oil inlet pressure of the bearing shall be generally controlled to 0.1-0.15mpa. When the oil inlet pressure is lower than 0.08mpa, the alarm shall be given and the auxiliary oil pump shall be started; when the oil pressure drops to 0.05 mpa, the shutdown shall be interlocked.

4) standby oil cooler, filter must be filled with oil, ready for emergency switching, high fuel tank is full of oil.

5) the oil return temperature of the bearing is normal.

2 unit start-up

The motor driven unit should be started first to check for abnormal friction and scraping between the rotor and the stator.

3 Low-load operation of the unit

The low load operation of the unit is to further run into the mechanical friction surface and evaluate the mechanical performance at the same time.

4 Full-load operation of the unit

The full load operation of the unit is mainly to check the aerodynamic performance of the unit, such as flow, pressure, power consumption, efficiency, gas cooler effect, noise, etc. to meet the design requirements.

After the low load operation of the unit is qualified, the full load operation can be carried out directly without stopping, that is, opening the inlet throttle valve and gradually closing the small discharge valve and exhaust valve. It should be noted that the exhaust boost should be carried out slowly, and the pressure boost should not be higher than 0.1 MPA every 5 minutes, and the design condition should be gradually reached. The full load running time is generally not less than 24 hours.