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Two methods of pumping efficiency of centrifugal Fan in Power Station

Jan 08, 2019

The extraction efficiency of centrifugal fan in power station is related to the air volume of fan. To improve the efficiency of air extraction of fan, it is a problem of concern to the user. The following methods of improving the efficiency of air extraction are introduced by the centrifugal fan manufacturer:

1. For the centrifugal fan, the convexity of the separator is directly related to the efficiency of the fan. Because of the convex of the separator, the air flow field is extremely irregular, which makes the pumping effect poor. It is very helpful to improve the pumping efficiency of centrifugal fan by changing the shape of the separator and adopting the form of layout, which is also a widely used method.

2. The extraction efficiency of the centrifugal fan will also be affected by other factors such as the outside world. In the stable air flow field, the stability of the pumping efficiency of the fan can be maintained very well. Once the uniformity of the circumference and the radial is destroyed, May arouse the fan stall and other unconventional flow phenomenon.

3. Centrifugal fan can improve the extraction efficiency by changing the shape of the suction separator and controlling the use of the environment.www.jnblower.com