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Understanding of the installation method of Axial flow Fan and whether it is a Box Fan

Jun 04, 2018

Axial flow fan, which is widely used in a specific type of fan, and, if you want to use and reasonable use of this fan, then we must have a comprehensive and in-depth understanding, in order to achieve the goal. Therefore, in order to obtain good application effect in the use of axial fan and good economic benefit in the product, the study work of the fan will be carried out below, the content of which is as follows.

1. Why is it appropriate to use axial flow fans in situations with high flow requirements and low pressure requirements?

This is because the main feature of the axial fan is that the gas in the fan flows parallel to the fan shaft. Therefore, based on this feature of the fan, and considering that the specific requirements of the application are higher flow rate and lower pressure, it is more appropriate to use the axial flow fan, rather than the centrifugal fan in the fan.

2. Whether the installation of Axial flow Fan is simple and how it is installed

The installation of axial fan is not difficult and complex from a professional point of view, because most of it is installed in the outlet of the workshop, and the fan outlet faces out, and the fan is fixed and wired well on the wall. The installation mode of axial fan is wall installation and pipe installation, wall installation is installed on the wall, pipe installation is to connect the pipe, and the fan flange is aligned with the pipe flange. In fixing, are fixed with screws.

3. Box fan, is it an axial fan?

The box fan is more and more widely used, but the centrifugal fan is installed in the box, not the axial fan, because the axial fan can not meet the requirement of flow and pressure, and it can not supply air at a long distance. In addition, the tubular axial fan in the axial fan is directly connected to the pipe and does not need to be installed in the box.

4. Relationship between parameters of axial fan with different speeds and whether two-speed exhaust fan is an axial fan

Axial flow fan , with different speed , the relationship between fan parameters is that the speed and air volume are proportional , the square of velocity and wind pressure is proportional relation , the speed and power of the third time are proportional relation . Double speed smoke exhaust fan , it is used in high - rise building fire fighting , in the form of fan is axial flow fan , not centrifugal fan .