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Ventilation function and heating and cooling effect of Air conditioning Fan

Jun 06, 2019

When the air conditioning fan is in use, the outdoor unit is responsible for refrigeration or heating, the indoor unit is responsible for transporting the air conditioning or hot gas to the indoor, and the indoor hot air or cold air is transported outdoors through the pipeline, in order to achieve the effect of cooling or heating up.


Structure of Air conditioning Fan

Air conditioning fan is mainly composed of shell, impeller, air inlet and external rotor motor.


Use of air-conditioning fan

Air conditioning fans are more suitable for industrial and mining enterprises, hotels, large shopping malls and other buildings to purchase and apply air conditioning boxes of all sizes, fan cabinet air conditioning units, central air conditioning units and a variety of purification purchase, with strong versatility. High efficiency, low noise, large air volume and so on. Transport non-spontaneous combustion, non-corrosive gas, gas dust content and other solid content 100mg m3, temperature in-20 -80 .


The air-conditioning fan has a certain ventilation function to a certain extent, and the outdoor air is treated through the treatment of the outdoor air when in use, so that the air-conditioning fan can effectively ensure that the indoor air frequently changes and is natural. And the active oxygen and the negative ion fan in the room are increased through special facilities, so that the health of the human is beneficial.www.jnblower.com