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Ventilation function of Air-Conditioning Fan and requirements for Health and Energy Saving

Jan 04, 2019

Air-conditioning fans are used as a simple cooling and heating and hot air handling, with technological innovation and progress. It is understood that air conditioning has added many health functions and intelligent settings.

1. Air-conditioning fan ventilation function. Through the treatment of indoor and outdoor air, we can ensure that indoor air is always new and fresh and natural.

2. Air conditioning fan through special facilities to increase indoor reactive oxygen and negative ion fan, good for human health.

3. The air conditioner fan adopts the frequency conversion energy saving system to make the power consumption reach the lowest.

4. The air conditioner fan uses the network to realize the remote control of the air conditioning. In addition to pay attention to health, energy saving, low noise and comfort, air conditioning is innovated in appearance to make it more novel, fashionable and decorative.