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Vibration treatment caused by impeller unbalance

Mar 19, 2018

The causes of impeller unbalance can be divided into two types: impeller wear and impeller fouling. As in cement plants, this phenomenon often occurs in raw material vertical mill circulating fans. The function of the circulating fan is to collect the raw meal powder through the cyclone dust collector, and the remaining small amount of raw meal powder to drive the electric precipitator through the circulation fan, so that many tiny dust particles pass through the circulating fan along with the high speed gas. To cause the blade to be continuously scoured. In the long run, blade wear is formed at the blade outlet. Because the wear is irregular, the imbalance of the impeller is caused. In addition, many tiny particles of dust, as they pass through the circulating fan, are adsorbed on the non-working surface of the blade by the action of a gas eddy current. Especially at the inlet and outlet of the non working surface, it forms a more serious dust scale and gradually thickens. The balance of impeller is destroyed and the whole induced fan will vibrate when the partial ash scale falls off under the combined action of centrifugal force and vibration. The general treatment of the fouling of the impeller is that after the fan is stopped, the dirt is treated with a shovel or brush. In the past, the methods of dealing with impeller unbalance were static balance method. According to the different position of disk impeller and the experience gained in practical work, the weight and position of impeller should be added. Basic guarantee fan static balance is in ideal state. At present, the square method to deal with the impeller unbalance is to use the dynamic balance instrument and add the weight block in the field, so that the vibration parameters of the fan are controlled within the technical range.http://www.jnblower.com/