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What are the abrasion-prone parts of the centrifugal fan

Mar 05, 2019

The abrasion-prone parts of the centrifugal fan are blades and volute cases.

1.Blade wear

(1)Forward blade. The worn parts of centrifugal fan blades are mostly at the inlet, outlet and near the root of the back disk.

(2) Radial straight blade. Direct-blown blade, usually saw-tooth shape, its wear parts in the blade exit, gradually reduced from the blade outlet.

(3) Backward airfoil blades. The severe wear of the backward airfoil is located near the outlet and the head of the blade on the side of the rear disk. After the blade head is worn, the rotor balance is easily destroyed in the vane cavity.

(4) Backward straight blade. The worn part of the backward straight blade suction fan is located on the side of the middle plate at the outlet of the blade.

2. Wear of volute case

All kinds of centrifugal fan volute case wear more serious parts are near the volute tongue. Generally from the tongue of the worm, in the 1 / 6 to 1 / 4 volute line parts of the wear is more serious.www.jnblower.com