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What are the advantages of the fire centrifugal fan?

May 03, 2018

The fire centrifugal fan is an indispensable smoke exhaust equipment in public places such as hotels cinemas and other public places. It adopts energy-saving motor which greatly reduces the electric energy loss of the equipment and greatly improves the efficiency of the motor. Its shell is made of heat-resistant steel, increasing the service life of the machine, so it is a necessary equipment for many industries. Apart from the above mentioned above, what are the advantages of this kind of fire centrifugal fan?


Since the fire centrifugal fan is quiet in operation, it will not have too much noise effect on the factory workshop or office building, and will not affect the office quality. It can be used in a variety of air exchange sites, for high-rise buildings, the use of this fan can make the air in the space more clean, to prevent the growth of bacteria.


Compared with other fans, because of its scientific design, the high quality and durable fire centrifugal fan has super high temperature resistance. Installing the fan outside the equipment does not belong to the same space as the high temperature exhaust system, which promotes the centrifugal fan to tolerate higher temperature for a long time.


For any fan, its vibration is one of the important reasons that affect the performance and price ratio of the fan, but the professional fire centrifugal fan has been tested the vibration problem in the design, and its internal structure is novel and compact. When the fan is running, it will not cause vibration threat to the wall or the ground, which can not only guarantee the ventilation effect but also ensure the comfortable space when the fan works.


Most centrifugal fans are detachable structures, and fire centrifugal fans are no exception, so they are relatively simple for the repair of common problems or for daily maintenance, so this kind of dual-purpose centrifugal fan has a high performance-price ratio. High air efficiency and good use effect.


Not only that, the transmission power of the fire centrifugal fan is larger than that of the ordinary fan, and the transmission is more safe and reliable. After a variety of strict tests, it is proved that the quality of the centrifugal fan is stable and the balance of the system operation is good. Able to provide air-exchange service for a long time, high market acceptance, high cost-performance.http://www.jnblower.com/