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What are the basic conditions for the installation environment of large centrifugal fans

Jul 14, 2018

When large centrifugal fan is installed, it is necessary to select a good environment to make its work more stable and realize its maximum value. So, in what environment should large centrifugal fans be installed? What basic conditions should the environment meet?

First of all, the installation environment of the large centrifugal fan must be kept clean, especially the inlet and outlet of the fan must be kept clean, there must be no sundries, otherwise it will restrict the effect of the fan. In addition, it is necessary to clean the fan regularly, maintain the lubrication system of the fan, and replace the lubricating oil regularly to ensure the best fan efficiency.

Secondly, when installing the large centrifugal fan, we should add lubricating oil to the bearing to ensure the lubricating effect of the fan bearing in use and improve the efficiency of the fan. After our practice, the general number of refueling no less than 1000 hours per time closed bearings and motor bearings, firmly eliminate oil shortage running.

As the power source of the centrifugal fan, the performance of the motor determines the efficiency of the fan. We must give the motor a stable voltage, the power supply line must be a special line, and it should not be supplied by a temporary line for a long time. Large centrifugal fan with its unique advantages, occupy the market, deeply loved by users.