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What are the characteristics of the industrial air exchange centrifugal fan?

Oct 16, 2018

Industrial ventilation centrifugal fans can be used in many places, such as factories, workshops or basements to exhaust air and dust. The fans have the characteristics of low power consumption, high efficiency and quiet, durable, compared with similar products. Its noise is low, its vibration is also lower than last year, the industrial experience is better.

Compared with other kinds of fan equipment, the industrial air exchange centrifugal fan adopts multi-wing impeller, so the aerodynamic performance of the fan is better than that of the ordinary fan, and the unique circular arc design of the blade makes the air volume intensity increase greatly. And in the working process, the impeller is not easily distorted, its speed is large, so the exhaust volume is large.

According to the system parameters, the operation of the centrifugal fan is more stable, which greatly improves the efficiency of the exhaust air, which improves the performance and price ratio of the centrifugal fan, and has the characteristics of overquiet and low vibration for a long time. In addition, its surface is made of thickened iron and steel plate, which has the characteristics of wear resistance and corrosion resistance, it is not easy to appear rust, and it is not easy to produce cracks, and compared with other fans, the seismic resistance of fan is better.

The professional centrifugal fan adopts direct drive design, high grade motor, fine bearing and all copper machine core, which makes the fan more safe and stable in operation. The machine can work under various environmental conditions without reducing the effect of shock absorption and noise reduction. Can still maintain stable operation. Because of the high quality and high quality, the influence of environmental factors on the fan has been fully considered in the design, so the structure has been optimized.http://www.jnblower.com/