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What are the common ways to select centrifugal fan reasonably?

Oct 31, 2017

When selecting a centrifugal fan, a crucial step is to understand the design into the working environment. Regardless of the dust exhaust, explosion protection or corrosion protection in different environments, the operation must have to choose different fans. In addition, the rational selection of centrifugal fans in addition to meet the requirements of flow and wind pressure, but also consider the demand for efficient operation of fans.

Grasp the performance of centrifugal fan is a reasonable basis for selection, fan performance of the different methods, fan selection methods are also different. For example, we can choose the fan according to the performance curve of the fan, which is a basic and relatively simple method; or the use of fan performance table to select the fan, this method and the use of pump performance table to select the same pump, although simple and convenient, But can not accurately determine the fan device conditions.


Some users will use the centrifugal fan performance curve to select fan, the choice curve is the same similar series, different impeller diameter of each fan of the full pressure, power, speed and flow of the relationship between the logarithmic Plotted a series of line family, which represents the characteristics of each centrifugal fan. 

In addition, according to the selected centrifugal fan performance curve and pipeline performance curve, to consider the system piping layout and fan operation mode, diagram the device operating conditions and fan operating parameters. If you need to adjust the operating conditions, you can adjust the method according to adjust the adjustment of working conditions, determine the corresponding adjustment of operating conditions parameters.