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What are the main materials for centrifugal fan?

Dec 07, 2018

The centrifugal fan is the machinery used in the market for ventilation, dust removal and cooling. Its use reduces the harm caused by air circulation in buildings. All materials used in the body of the centrifugal fan are its main materials, including the casing. Impeller, inlet material, so should involve a lot of kinds, in order to apply to different working conditions and process requirements, the corresponding materials and models are different.


One is carbon steel, which is the most commonly used material for centrifugal fans. It refers to Fe-C alloy steel with carbon content less than 2.11%. The material is characterized by easy processing and low price. Suitable for most medium at room temperature and no dust and corrosion centrifugal fan.


Another main material is frp, or FRP, which is commonly used for anti-corrosion centrifugal fans. This material has excellent anticorrosive properties, resistant to various acid, alkali and salt corrosion, chemical industry a lot of gas treatment will be used in FRP centrifugal fans. Stainless steel is also the main material commonly used in centrifugal fans, but in fact it does not refer to a single material, but contains more than 100 kinds of specific materials, including martensite, austenite, ferrite, duplex stainless steel and so on. It is the main material of anti-corrosion centrifugal fan and high temperature centrifugal fan, which can resist corrosion and high temperature.


In addition, there are centrifugal fans will choose plastic as its main material, usually pp. However, because of its lower strength than FRP, it has a smaller range of applications, and large ones are rare, but may be used in anticorrosive fans because of its special characteristics. In addition, there are titanium alloys, steel lining plastic, steel lined glass reinforced plastic and other special materials and composite materials centrifugal fans, although rare, but they will also play an important role in specific areas.www.jnblower.com