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What are the reasons for the fault of centrifugal fan tripping?

Mar 26, 2019

1. The harmfulness of centrifugal fan tripping

This is not only to say that the components of the centrifugal fan can be damaged, and if the condition is serious, the core components of the centrifugal fan can be directly discarded, and a great loss is brought to the user.

2. Relationship between centrifugal fan tripping and opening degree of outlet air valve

If the outlet valve opening of centrifugal fan is relatively small, the air volume produced by centrifugal fan can not be discharged in time and can not meet the requirements of the system. When the internal wind pressure of the machine reaches a certain level, it will lead to tripping. You can adjust the air valve properly at this time, if not, you should consider replacing the fan.

3. Centrifugal fan tripping is caused by pipeline problem.

If the dust removal pipe of centrifugal fan is short and the valve is shut down, the motor trip of centrifugal fan will be caused by insufficient system resistance. But the pipe can not be set too long, the same will not be conducive to the work of centrifugal fans.

4. Centrifugal fan tripping is related to electrical failure.

Electrical failure will cause the shaft power required by the fan to be too high, so that the load of the motor will be overloaded and the current exceeding the rating will cause tripping.