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What if the fan fails to start normally?

Mar 18, 2019

What if the fan fails to start normally?

1, check if the belt is broken. If the fan belt breaks, replace the new belt in time.

2, check that the impeller is stuck, and then process or replace the impeller of the fan.

3, see if the motor bearing is stuck, and then decide to replace the stuck motor bearing.

4, see if the motor has a lack of phase, to see if the fan power is turned on, processing open power supply adjustment motor line can.

5, check the motor to see if it has been burned, if any, deal with or replace the motor in time.

Generally speaking, most of the abnormal conditions of fans are caused by internal problems, so we should pay more attention to the examination and maintenance of equipment in peacetime. In this way, before use, you can avoid the problem that device can not start.

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