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What kinds of forms are there for the front disc of the impeller of a centrifugal fan?

Feb 28, 2018

Do you pay close attention to the front wheel of centrifugal fan impeller, it has many different forms, and the characteristics of each form are different, and the applicable working conditions are different. So, what is the difference between the front plate of the centrifugal fan impeller?

Generally speaking, the front disc of centrifugal fan impeller generally has three kinds: straight front disk, conical front disk and arc front disk. From the gas flow path, the impeller with flat front disk is not in accordance with gas flow path. Therefore, the blade passage at the outer diameter of the centrifugal fan impeller is much larger than the blade passage at the inner diameter of the impeller.

In this way, not only in the blade flow velocity difference, but also in the impeller outside diameter of the blade flow channel can not be filled, easy to produce eddy current, consume power. But in the forward impeller of centrifugal fan, some types of ventilator still use this kind of front disk in order to make it simple and convenient.

In contrast, the gas flow path of the conical front disk is better than that of the flat plate front disc, but the cross section of the passage between the blades can not reach equal or even diffusion. Therefore, there is still leakage in the blade channel. The efficiency of centrifugal fan is improved.

The arc of the arc front disc is determined by the equal section or equal diffusion section of the flow channel between the blades, so the airflow in the blade passage is equal or decelerated, and there is no leakage flow in the blade duct. Therefore, the efficiency of the curved front disc is higher than that of the plate front disk and the conical front disc, but the front plate is also more complex, which is suitable for batch production of centrifugal fan or large fan.http://www.jnblower.com/