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What should we pay attention to reduce the failure rate of centrifugal fan?

Feb 05, 2018

1 A double speed centrifugal fan, which should be started at low speed rather than at high speed in trial run, so as to avoid various problems. In addition , when starting at low speed , the direction of rotation of the fan shall be checked , whether the direction is correct or not .

2 The debugging work of centrifugal fan should be carried out by two or more professionals, so that one person can control the power switch of the fan and the other person can debug the fan. Once there is a problem, the power supply can be cut off immediately. To ensure the safety of centrifugal fans and operators.

3 The starting mode of the high - speed centrifugal fan needs to be proper and correct . In general , it is both full - voltage start - up and step - down start - up . However , regardless of which one , it is necessary to pay attention to the fan current . If it is full - voltage start - up , the starting current should be 5 to 7 times of rated current . If the grid capacity is short , it is better to choose the way to start the depressurization.

4 The motor power required in the centrifugal fan refers to the power required at full opening of the air inlet of the fan under certain conditions . However , it is important to note that if the inlet of the centrifugal fan is fully opened , it is dangerous to damage the motor . Therefore , when the centrifugal fan is operated , the valve will be gradually opened until the required working condition, and it is also noted whether the current exceeds the rated current .http://www.jnblower.com/