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What should we pay attention to when cleaning and reassembling boiler induced draft fan

Apr 21, 2019

When the boiler induced fan has been used for a long time, it must be cleaned. In order to clean the whole boiler draft fan thoroughly, we need to remove the boiler draft fan. Because the internal structure of boiler induced draft fan is fine and the disassembly process is complicated, there are no mistakes in the disassembly process. This is a place that we should pay special attention to. At the same time, when the process of removing the fan is finished, after we have cleaned the components of the boiler induced draft fan, we have to reassemble the boiler induced draft fan.

1.Removal of boiler induced draft fan: first of all, the handling case and bearing box should be removed first. If these two parts are not removed first, the overall cleaning of the whole fan will not be completed. Secondly, it is necessary to pay special attention to the disassembly and cleaning of the direct drive of the motor to the fan part of the boiler, so as to prevent the mechanical failure of the motor from burning.

2. Assembly boiler induced fan: first use pair of inclined pad iron cushion flat and put it on the foundation, secondly, whether cleaning or assembling boiler induced fan, the adjustment mechanism is first tested to see the flexibility of its rotation.

According to the above introduction, in daily maintenance and cleaning boiler induced fan should pay attention to the steps of disassembly, so as to avoid the boiler induced fan damage fault.www.jnblower.com