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Which axial fan is suitable for the purpose of air conditioning unit operation?

Sep 08, 2017

1.Which one is suitable for axial fans in ventilation and air supply? In addition, in the ventilation system of the coal mine, which is more suitable for circulation and axial fans?

Ventilation and air supply, if from a professional point of view, is more appropriate ventilation shaft blower, and the air supply is not suitable.


The circulating fan, it can be regarded as similar to the electric fan, and the axial flow fan, the air outlet is linear. Therefore, the coal mine ventilation system, is the use of axial flow fan, is appropriate, and its effect is better than the circulation fan. Therefore, in the second question, the answer is for the axial fan.

2. are there any conditions for the comparison of axial and centrifugal fans?

Axial and centrifugal fans are common types of fans. Axial and centrifugal fans are common and common types of fans, Therefore, it is impossible to compare purely. If you want it, need some conditions, therefore, in this issue, the answer is yes. For example, the wind area is the same, so is the axial flow fan air volume is greater than the centrifugal fan, but the pressure is less than the centrifugal fan.

3. why do some air conditioning units have axial fans, while others do not?

This is because if the air blower in the air conditioning unit is fully compressed, then the ventilation resistance is too high, Thus, it causes adverse effects, such as affecting the smooth operation of the unit's normal ventilation. So we need to add an axial fan to solve this problem. however, if the fan air pressure is large enough, then there is no need, and there will be no problem.

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