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Which is more suitable for mechanical ventilation of the centrifugal fan and the axial flow fan

May 17, 2019

Whether the axial flow type or the centrifugal fan is an axial flow type or a centrifugal fan, the user can bring good use effect to the user, but the fields which are good at each other are different, so the user must be in a professional and strict attitude when selecting, otherwise not only the working efficiency is affected, The cost is also much too high, for example, in the mechanical ventilation, who is more suitable for the axial flow fan and the fan of the centrifugal fan?

Before comparing, we have to sort out one thing, that is, the difference between the two. Let's talk about centrifugal fans first. Using this kind of fans can easily lead to condensation of doors, windows and walls, but the effect of using centrifugal fans to cool down and precipitation is still very obvious. It only takes a very short ventilation time to achieve a good effect, so it seems that the user must consider the small malpractice that it will condensation when choosing the centrifugal fan, do a good job of preventive measures, then the centrifugal fan is more perfect.

in addition, the axial flow fan has the advantages that a good cooling effect is achieved by means of slow-speed ventilation, the energy consumption is low due to the slow speed, In addition, it does not prevent condensation as easily as the centrifugal fan.

Therefore, whether it is axial fan or Chengdu centrifugal fan, there are advantages and disadvantages, the key is to look at the different needs of different users, if the pursuit of efficiency, then it is recommended that you choose an efficient centrifugal fan. If you pay attention to saving environmental protection, do not pursue efficiency, of course, it is more appropriate to choose axial flow fan.www.jnblower.com