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Why do centrifugal fan bearings heat?

Jul 25, 2018

The causes of bearing heating in the normal operation of centrifugal fan are generally caused by the bearing heat caused by the lubricating oil and cooling of the centrifugal fan bearing, the fatigue wear of the bearing roller appears peeling, and the pit and clearance of the bearing increase. It can be judged from the sound and vibration of the bearing of centrifugal ventilator that the bearing heating after maintenance may not meet the requirements of installation technology and technical parameters or the phenomenon of heating caused by soft and hard friction. The following is a summary of the centrifugal fan bearing heating several reasons.

Causes of heating of centrifugal Fan bearing

1 . the components on the main shaft or the main shaft of the centrifugal ventilator are rubbed with the bearing box ;

2. The motor shaft is not concentric with the centrifugal fan shaft, so that the inner rolling bearing in the bearing box does not move;

3. Too much grease in the bearing box of centrifugal ventilator;

4. bearing and bearing box hole between the clearance and loose, bearing box bolts too tight or too loose.http://www.jnblower.com/