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Working Pipe and main device of Axial flow Fan

Apr 25, 2019

When the impeller rotates, the gas enters the impeller from the inlet axial direction and is pushed by the blade on the impeller, which increases the energy of the gas, and then flows into the guide vane. The deflecting flow is changed into axial flow by the guide vane. At the same time, the gas is transferred into the expansion tube, and the kinetic energy of the gas is further converted to the pressure energy. Finally, the working pipe is introduced.

The cross section of axial flow fan is generally wing section. The blade can be fixed in position or rotated around its longitudinal axis. The angle between the blade and the airflow or the spacing between the blades may not be adjustable or adjustable. Changing blade angle or spacing is one of the main advantages of axial flow fan. The small blade spacing angle produces a lower flow rate, while increasing the pitch produces a higher flow rate.


1 Axial side wall horizontal device

The foundation of axial-flow fan installation is the same as that of horizontal device, except that the bracket should have enough intensity and rigidity after the bracket is carried by inclined arm.


2 Axial flow fan horizontal device

The shock absorber is fixed on the axial flow fan base by connecting the screw stalk, and each shock absorber degree is adjusted by means of the center and the high adjustment with the pole change pad. If the axial flow fan does not need a shock absorber because of the anti-vibration, the screw hole on the base of the axial flow fan can be directly connected with the embedded screw stalk on the foundation.www.jnblower.com