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Working Principle and New Technology of Air Conditioning Fan

Oct 18, 2020

Split air conditioner is mainly composed of two parts: outdoor unit and indoor unit.

The outdoor unit is responsible for cooling or heating, and the indoor unit is responsible for transporting cold or hot air to the room, and transporting indoor hot or cold air to the outdoors through pipes to achieve the effect of cooling or heating.

The high-temperature and high-pressure refrigerant vapor from the compressor enters the condenser through the high-pressure hose; because the outside temperature is lower than the temperature of the refrigerant entering the condenser, most of the heat of the refrigerant flowing in the condenser is caused by the action of the condensing fan Carried away by the air outside the car, the high-temperature and high-pressure gas is condensed into a high-temperature and high-pressure liquid. When this high-temperature and high-pressure liquid flows through the throttling expansion valve, due to the throttling effect, the volume suddenly increases and the pressure is reduced. It becomes a low-pressure and low-temperature mist liquid that enters the evaporator and vaporizes at a constant pressure. The refrigerant vaporizes in the tube. When the temperature is lower than the circulating wind in the car outside the evaporator tube, it can absorb the heat in the air outside the tube, thereby reducing the temperature of the air flowing through the evaporator, resulting in a cooling effect, and the vaporized refrigerant vapor is compressed The machine is sucked and compressed and turned into high temperature and high pressure gas, completing a refrigeration system cycle.

In the past, air conditioners were simple cooling and heating and cold and hot air transportation. With technological innovation and progress, air conditioners later added many health functions and intelligent settings:

1. Ventilation function. Through the treatment of indoor and outdoor air, it is possible to ensure that the indoor air is always fresh and fresh and natural.

2. Increasing indoor active oxygen and negative ion fans through special facilities is beneficial to human health.

3. Adopt frequency conversion energy-saving system to minimize power consumption.

4. The remote control of the air conditioner is realized by using the network. In addition to focusing on health, energy saving, low noise and comfort, air conditioners are also innovating in appearance to make them more novel, fashionable and decorative.