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Air Conditioning Fan Plastic SEAL Structure

Jun 02, 2017

Air conditioner three-phase fan and ordinary three-phase fan exactly the same. Single-phase fan winding is divided into multiple speed and single speed winding structure, and the multiple-speed winding is composed of main, auxiliary and middle winding, and the middle winding is usually used to change the effective turn ratio of main and auxiliary windings to achieve the purpose of speed regulation. Split air conditioner fan power is small, Air Conditioning Fan the use of plastic seal structure, generally damaged after the need to replace the same model of fresh air. The following diagram is a schematic diagram of the multi-speed motor winding, which can be divided into L-type, T-type, common type three methods.

Maintenance, according to the operation winding line diameter thick, less turns, start winding line diameter, more than the characteristics of the number of turns to detect, that is, using multimeter electric block to determine the winding good or bad.

(2) Fan motor demolition process. Since the fan motor windings have been filled with insulating varnish, they must be placed on fire to be baked until the coils are loose. Air Conditioning Fan Baking temperature should not be too high to prevent iron core annealing. When removing the coils, we should make clear the wiring method of the coil and draw the wiring sketch, which is the key to determine whether the motor can operate normally.

(3) Fan winding insulation treatment. The test of the fan stator into the electric oven for 120 Shan, 4 hours preheating, and then removed. When the coil temperature drops to 65 Shan, the paint is immersed into the insulating varnish. Dip time is not less than 15 minutes, then put it into the electric oven for 10 hours, 120 Shan heating, which can improve the winding strength and insulation performance. The normal fan insulation resistance is above 5k Ω.

Air-conditioning fan is a water-cooled device equipped with the electric fan, relying on the built-in water pump to keep the air circulating in the machine to cool the surrounding, so that the fan leaves sent the wind has a cold feeling, called the physical storage refrigeration.

1, Air conditioning advantages: Air Conditioning Fan Air conditioning refrigeration (heat) is very rapid, and send air, especially central air-conditioning, almost to meet all the room type and area of refrigeration (hot) needs, and air-conditioning operation is convenient, Air Conditioning Fan as long as the switch thermostat can be.

2, Air conditioning disadvantage: relative to the air-conditioning fan, the price of air-conditioning is more expensive, this is most people do not choose the reasons for air-conditioning, and the late energy consumption is higher, many residents reluctant to use.

3, the advantages of air-conditioning fan: Low prices, the vast majority of households can afford to spend; and it has low power, only 60-80, so the electricity consumption is very low; In addition, compared to the fan, Air Conditioning Fan it can reduce the room temperature 5-6 degrees, Air Conditioning Fan can play a cooling effect.

4, air conditioner fan disadvantage: The air conditioner fan can not refrigeration itself, need to continuously inject the required temperature of water to continue to provide the required temperature of the wind, Air Conditioning Fan therefore, it is very inconvenient to use, about half an hour or so to add a water, and for a large area of the cooling effect is not very good, and air-conditioning refrigeration and refrigeration speed can not be a horse; In addition, it is noisy, can not be used in hospitals, old and young rooms and so on.