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Axial Fan Daily Maintenance

Jul 24, 2017

Coal used in the main fan fan is to ensure the safety of coal production, Axial Fan gas emissions of major large equipment, in the coal mine production process, the use of a standby with two fans, all the time can not stop running. The bearing box is the core of the normal operation of the fan. Axial Fan It is one of the most sophisticated parts of the fan. If the bearing box is faulty when the fan is running, it will cause the fan to stop working and cause serious mass accidents.

AGF-type fan bearing box is used in the overall box structure, the cavity is equipped with support bearings and thrust bearings of the two, all sealed in the box cavity. Axial Fan Compared with 2BY, 70B2, 2K60 double bearing bearing box, this bearing box in the fan installation does not need to adjust the bearing, and the bearing box bearing 46 # liquid mechanical oil, oil bath and splash mixed lubrication The The design of the former than before the old type of front and rear bearing fan with a compact structure to replace the oil is simple and convenient, less routine maintenance and many other advantages.

Fan bearing box has four sets of bearings, that is, Axial Fan two sets of thrust bearings and two sets of cylindrical roller bearings. Each bearing is equipped with Pt100 temperature sensor for monitoring. When the specified operating temperature exceeds the bearing will alarm. Causes of bearing temperature rise:

(1) Lubricants are bad in lubricants. Fan in the normal operation of a long time, after several times refueling, oil change, may be due to impurities in the oil or hard particles into the bearing cavity, resulting in the fan during the operation of a sudden increase in bearing temperature, Axial Fan There is powder or copper floating, it is likely to be damaged for the copper cage caused by local flaking. As a result, Axial Fan for the retainer local flaking, if not serious does not affect the roller movement, sustainable movement. Axial Fan And repeatedly replace the new oil rinse the cavity can be. Conversely, the bearings are replaced directly.

(2) oil system is blocked, lubricants are not in place. The oil supply pipe is composed of many pipes, and the pipe connection must be combined with the joints, Axial Fan and sometimes in the removal of joints re-assembly, must only be coated with a uniform layer of grease, and can not be arbitrarily coated, due to small pipe area, Multi-coated residual oil that will block the oil pipe, and refueling that the oil has been in place. A drive to run, causing the bearing to burn. So the maintenance of the fan must be checked when the oil system is smooth.

In the fan debugging operation when the oil level is unstable or oil level down fast, although a long time operation, oil level display is still unstable, Axial Fan this phenomenon has the following two reasons.

(1) the initial oil level is unstable, Axial Fan need to always refueling, which is due to the need to fill the pipeline lubricating pipe, bearing box cavity and spindle rotation splashing to the bearing wall above the wall, need more oil, generally need 3 hours, Fill the oil gradually, Axial Fan the oil chamber can be stable, the longest in 6-8 hours this phenomenon disappears.

(2) bearing inside and outside the pressure difference caused by, this reason will also cause the bearing box of oil spill, the two exist each other. To eliminate this phenomenon, Axial Fan it is necessary to keep the pressure inside and outside the bearing box.